The view of Zushi from Hosshō-ji, a Nichiren sect temple

Zushi (逗子) is a small city in Kanagawa, Japan about an hour by train south of Tokyo. It is often visited for its beach, marina, and summer events. Though it has a few historic temples and similar scenery to neighboring Kamakura, it gets much fewer tourists.

Get in

Take the Yokosuka line from Tokyo to Zushi (60-65 min);

Keihin Kyuko line from Shinagawa to Shinzushi station(47 min);

Shonan Shinjuku line from Shinjuku (59 min). (be careful, only some of the Shonan Shinjuku line trains go to Zushi, others go to Odawara)

Get around

There are many buses, but the beach and shopping areas are within walking distance. Some of the better parks and temples are in the hills and a little far unless you want to take a nice long walk. Taxis are prevalent.




There are a number of smaller shops and boutiques, but Zushi is not considered a shopping destination.


There are a number of non-chain restaurants near the station. Especially, compared to other Japanese towns of this size, there are several local seafood places, Italian restaurants, and small "natural food" restaurants.


There are a number of bars near the station (izakayas, Western bars, and wine bars). Most are visited with friends or small groups, rather than singles. A few have a beach atmosphere and are popular with visitors.

From late June to August, the beach is filled with various beach houses and bars, with various themes and music.


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