Zoucheng is a city in Shandong.

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Zoucheng has a station on the Beijing-Shanghai mainline, although far from all trains plying this route stop here. Still, service to Beijing, Nanjing, or Shanghai is quite frequent.

During daytime (until around 6pm) there is a frequent bus service to the nearby Qufu.


Ancient tablet-bearing stone turtles (bixi) in the Temple of Mencius

The temple and mansion of the ancient philosopher Mencius, perennially known as China's "Second Sage" (after Confucius). They are located on the south side of the city, perhaps a mile's walk from downtown. The two sites (adjacent to each other, and visitable on a single ticket) are similar in their architecture, sculpture and landscaping to the "First Sage's" facilities in Qufu, but are much less crowded.

It is often said that if your family name is Meng (i.e., you are the sage's possible descendant), admission is free; however, this is presently not the case.

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One can continue north to Qufu, with its Confucius-related sites, and on to Tai'an (for Mount Taishan).

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