Zonguldak is a city in western part of Black Sea Turkey. It is located on the shore of Black Sea.


As conveyors and rails everywhere at the entrance of the downtown mark, this bleak industrial town leaning against a steep mountainfoot with just a small section of downtown lying on flat ground is surrounded by coal mines, which indeed are the reason of town's existence. While the city itself may have little to offer to a passing by traveller, it may serve as a convenient hub for surrounding resorts and sights. Also, the lush mountains around the city can easily make you forget the smog and the grey ambience of Zonguldak.

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Since most of the city cascades down from a steep mountain side, be ready to climb up and down lots of stairs. The (flat-ish) land is so scarce that some of the alleys you may come across at the residential neighbourhoods are actually rooftops of the houses lined at the street one level below!

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Merges with near Adapazarı Akçakoca  W  E  Amasra Samsun

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