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Znojmo is a small (35,000 inhabitants) town in South Moravia, Czech Republic. It's famous for its compact old town centre with oldest buildings dating back from 12th century, wine and nearby National Park Podyjí.


Though standing on a rock overlooking the River Dyje canyon, Znojmo region has always been predominantly agricultural (crops, wine, fruit, vegetables) with only light industry (ceramics, shoes, textile). It has a dry and warm climate, lying in a rather flat area 290 meters above the sea level, and having about 100 days with average temperature over 15°C.

With Austria only 15 km away, Znojmo had a turbulent history especially due to clashes between local Germans and Czechs before and during the world wars, resulting in violent expulsion of the Germans after WWII.


The center of Znojmo is roughly a circle which can be crossed in 15-20 minutes on foot and lies just north of the train, coach and bus stations. If needed, you will find the suburbs, quite easily accessible by bus or on foot, to the north and south of the center.

Get in

By plane

Nearest airports are in Brno (80 km away, but with only Ryanair running flights Brno-London, CSA Brno-Prague, Smart Wings Brno-Moscow and SmartWings Brno-Girona), Vienna (100 km), Bratislava and Prague (200 km).

By bus

There are regular buses from Prague (bus station Florenc 3-6 times a day, 200 CZK) and Brno (more frequently, 60 CZK) and Wien.

By train

There are trains to and from Vienna every 2 hours, with a return ticket costing around 350 CZK. The journey takes 90 mins.

Other trains are painfully slow and unsuitable for long distance travel. But they are reasonably priced (especially if you know what ticket to buy) and an interesting experience if you are into trains and train travel. They are also more convenient for families and cyclists. Find your train here. You'll probably have to change trains a few times though.

By car

There is no direct highway to Znojmo. From Prague use the highway to Brno, exit via Jihlava. From Brno use the motorway to Mikulov, exit behind Pohorelice.

Get around


There are 7 city lines (buses number 801 through 805, 808 and 809; 10 CZK per a ticket) plus a seasonal sightseeing train/bus (80 CZK/ticket). They are quite frequent and timely during rush hours, but can be a pain on weekends and after 7pm. Tickets are only available from the driver, so prepare the change (or your nerves) beforehand.

Or you can take a taxi. The fare within the town should not exceed 100 CZK. As in other parts of the Czech Republic it is advisable to discuss the price in advance.

Around Znojmo

Local buses to villages are similar to the city ones as to frequency and availability of tickets. The best way to find out about the times is to check this site. The bus station is next to the railway station in the center of town, on Milady Horákové street.

The Ducal Rotunda of the Virgin Mary and St Catherine


Town Hall Tower



For two days a year Znojmo transforms into a combination of a medieval town (downtown) and a kitschy, loud and crowded funfair (uptown), all of which is called Vinobraní (Wine-harvest festival). Fortunately, these two are divided by the town walls and gates, so you can choose what you fancy. In the center you can enjoy the parade of people in traditional costumes, the king and queen and their retinue, traditional markets, shows and music, and especially local wine and its young, half-fermented companion - burčák. Fridays are more popular with the younger crowd because you can enjoy the blazing torches, fireworks and concerts at night (check the programme for the times) and indulge in burčák tasting till morning; Saturdays are usually quieter and less crowded. For burčák tasting bring your own glass (it's always better than the plastic ones you can get at every stall) and get 1 dcl (0.1 l) for about 10 CZK at each stall you like. For wine tasting, check the programme for Znovín Znojmo or Vinné sklepy Lechovice (wineries) and take part in their tasting training, where you sample a dozen of different wines and then try to guess two more blind samples. It's good fun.

Vinobraní takes place in the middle of September (f.e. 15-16th Sept 2006) and costs 100/120/180 CZK (Friday/Saturday/both days), 1 l of burčák is about 70 CZK, taxis double the fare. Usually there are about 30,000 visitors, so book accommodation well ahead if you intend to sleep in Znojmo or around. For more, have a look at this review of Czech wine festivals, burčák and Vinobraní , photos .




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