Zipolite is a growing backpacker beach destination along the south-western Pacific coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.


Zipolite is between the cities of Puerto Escondido to the north, and Huatulco to the East. Neighboring villages include Mazunte, and Puerto Angel. A happy and expanding tourist town once known for its distinctive hippy vibe, Zipolite still has Mexico's only clothing-optional beach policy. You may recognize it if you have seen the Blockbuster film "Y Tu Mama Tambien".

This is a great place to go to relax and have fun on almost any budget. Seafood here is cheap and great. You can while away your days relaxing on the beach watching whales and dolphins pass by off the coast.

Get in

By plane

Huatulco International Airport is 45 KM from Zipolite. A cab from the airport is listed as costing MX$843 or something like that. However, you can bargain at the taxi stand, and at least one traveler reports that in 2015, a taxi driver agreed to a price of MX$500 for this trip. For a cheaper option, leave the airport and hail a cab across the street for around $400. Once you are outside the airport you can also take a collectivo or local bus to Puerto Angel or San Pedro Pochutla. A taxi from Puerto Angel to Zipolite is MX$8, and a collectivo from Pochutla is MX$12.

From Puerto Escondido airport a cab is posted as $700, or you can take a cab from across the street from the airport to centro or the mercado for 40 pesos and then take the blue and white mini-bus to San Antonio for $33, and then take a collectivo through Mazunte and San Augustinillo to Zipolite for 7 pesos. It takes a while, but its a nice ride and pretty cheap and easy to travel like the locals.

By bus

If traveling by bus, you can take ADO and several other bus services to Pochutla, the regional hub for the coast, then you will need to take a taxi or collectivo.

From Pochutla you can catch a collectivo on the main street right in front of the bus station to Zipolite for 12 pesos. One route will take you through Puerto Angel (the quick way) the other goes through Mazunte and San Augustinillo. A direct taxi will run you $100 more or less.

Taxis run from the nearby town of Puerto Angel for 8 pesos, or its a fairly pleasant, although dangerously narrow no shoulder 4km walk down the road. From Puerto Angel, you can catch a camioneta up to San Pedro Pochutla, where you can catch buses to Oaxaca and the nearby coastal cities.

Get around

Zipolite in its entirety is about 2km long, there is really no need for a motor vehicle while you are in town. Taxis and collectivos are abundant on any road. Main street is closed down to traffic around 5:30 or 6:00 when local shops, and restaruants start to open.

You can walk through the jungle to nearby towns farther west along the coast to Mazunte where you can see the famous Turtle museum. Collectivos will take you back, but be careful not to get caught out too late after they stop running (usually around 6).





Along the beach is a restaurant called "Sal y Pimienta" (Salt and Pepper). They serve fantastic food right on the beach. They have awesome burgers, fresh fish right from the ocean and much more.

La Providencia Restaurant (bar), Now at posada Las Casitas (Behind Hotel Alquimista),  +52 9581009234. Contemporary Mexican food. Open for dinner in summer and winter season. 15-20 usd.


There are a large number of low cost rooms along the beach of varying quality.

The rooms are simple but only cost 150/250 pesos a night as of September 2011. There are shared bathrooms and shower,communal kitchen, book exchange & tv area. The hostel is located right next to a restaurant on the beach called Sal y Pimienta and in front of Itzama. If you ask they will bring food over to the hostel. NFL football on Sundays & live music on Fridays 150 pesos a night.

* El Alquimista Seems to be a very nice and comfortable place

* Lo Cosmico A hippie place: Cheap and without luxury

Stay safe

The waves and currents in the sea are not to be taken likely. Be cautious when entering the water for a swim. Look for the red, yellow and green flags put up by the excellent volunteer lifeguards to see where is the best place to swim.

There is no real active police force Zipolite which means it's easy to come by drugs, and has been since the 60's. Smoking marijuana is pretty commonplace and tolerated, however, police look for people passing joints back and forth on the beach, so be careful when doing so. If you are approached by police, you can usually get out of trouble by paying MX$200. In the past, a few cases of mugging and rapes have been reported. There has been no major crime here for several years. It's generally not recommended to walk on the dark beach at night time alone. Make sure the place where you put your valuables is safe and well attended.

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