Stations of the Cross in the Catedral de Sal

Zipaquirá is a city of some 70,000 people about an hour north of Bogotá, in Cundinamarca. It is Colombia's salt mining capital, and most famous for its Salt Cathedral, constructed almost entirely of salt within a now defunct mine.

Get in

By bus

From Bogota, take any "Transmilenio" bus bound for "Portal Norte". This is the interchange between intra-city and inter-city buses. Once off the Transmilenio bus and onto the platform, look for turnstyle exit with the overhead label "Zipaquirá". Across turnstyle on other side of the same platform will be buses with signs "Zipa - Chía" on the wind shield. (Chía being the mid way town). Buses depart about every 15 minutes, costing 4,500 pesos, journey takes 45 minutes without traffic. Bus will drop you off near Carrera 15 and Calle 4 just south of La Esperanza Park.

To return to Bogota, find the bus station across the street from your drop off point. The return journey can take significantly longer due to afternoon traffic jam on the National Route 45A south of Chía.

Get around

If arriving by bus, get off on Carrera 15 then turn left at Calle 4. Walking up Calle 4, at first you will see a large green pasture to your right this is the Parque La Esperanza. Once past the park, you will walk through a pedestrian-only lines with tons of shops and cafes. Once the pedestrian street ends you will see the towns main historical plaza called Plaza de la independencia. Turn left at this corner and walk up Carrera 6 to get to the main entrance of Parque de Sal. After the entrance, follow the painted white line as it winds up the hill.


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