Zigong (自贡) is a city in East Sichuan.

Get in

From Chengdu Chinese:城北客运中心 Pinyin:Cheng Bei Ke Yun Zhong Xin English:Transportation Center of Northern City

Cost: ¥22


Distance:218km(high way) 2 hrs driving

It is convenient for people fly to Chengdu Shuangliu Airport to come here. You can take Intercity Bus, and it costs ¥100/per.There are five divisions.

Get around

Taxi Bus--The cheapest way and more fun to take any public bus to explore this city.Many route will drive along the riverside.


The salt museum

The museum itself is a master piece of ancient Chinese architecture.It used to a club for the slat merchant.The exquisite decor detail represent highrock carving skill in Qing dynasty.

Local Government use it to display the whole process of salt making.To me,walk slowly in this old garden is more fun.

The Dinosaur Museum The third biggest dinosaur in the world,Characteristic:Build on the site of the original burial place. Museum website:www.zdm.cn

The Lantern show Come to Zigong in Spring Festival,it will offer you the magnificent lantern show.

Contact: For more info,you may visit www.westchinago.com


Zigong Food is one of a kind even in Sichuan, due to its rich culture and history. Some dishes found in Zigong are common to the Sichuan area (see Szechuan cuisine with local variations, and some are unique local recipes.

Various types of Dumpling or Wonton (served with hot oil and pepper paste) called chāo shǒu Sichuan Hot pot, called Chuan Chuan Xiang Twice Cooked Pork Pepper Beef Mapo doufu Diced Rabbit in Hot Pepper Oil Frog Hotpot Fried Eel with Hot Peppers Turtle Soup Duck in a Hot Pepper Oil Tea Infused Duck Sichuan DanDan Mian - spicyChinese noodles Various Types of Tea Babe Toufu (best in Fushun county and counryside) Unique dishes include:

Fried rice-field frog with fresh pepper (very spicy pepper) (This dish is illegal) Rice-field frog chicken soup (only a few family knows how to make this soup) Try the night food market along the roads (Tongxing Lu), and remember best food are cooked at local's home.


Highly recommend:

Huidong Grand Hotel, Spacious room with nice decor,great western buffet breakfast.An international standard 4 star hotel in a small city.

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