Zhuzhou (株洲; Zhūzhōu) is an important industrial city in Hunan Province and one of the five busiest railway centers in Mainland China.


This city is the second largest city in Hunan Province in terms of urban population, GNP and annual income per capita. The population of the whole area was 3.7 millions and the number of urban residents was 1 million (2005). It is the intersection of East-West & North-South railways and North-South & East-West Expressways as well. It takes 40 minutes drive from this city to Changsha Airport.

There are many good quality and key industrial products produced in this city, such as Electrical Locomotives, Motorcycles, Nonferrous Metals, Fertilizers, Chemicals and Cemented Carbide. Siemens, Yamaha, Mitsubishi and many other multinational companies have invested in Zhu Zhou. It has one national level Economic Development Zone and several provincial level development areas. Nowaday, companies with long-sight strategy started learning and developing their own technological barriers.


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