Zhuji (诸暨) is a city in Zhejiang.


Zhuji City [1] is located in central Zhejiang province north, Kuaiji mountain and Longmen mountain range, Pu in the middle reaches of Yangjiang. Latitude 29degrees 43 ', longitude 120degrees 14'. Adjacent to Shaoxing, Shengzhou, Dongyang, Yiwu, Pujiang, Tonglu, Fuyang, Xiaoshan and other county ( city, area). The total area of 2311 square kilometers. The total population of 1157900 people (2011).

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People can go to Zhuji by cars, bus or train. There is a train station in Zhuji, perhaps in some years, people also can get in Zhuji by subways.



In Zhuji, people can buy pearls and tea, because Zhuji has these kind of features. Also, people will go to the family of Xishi at the first time when they visit Zhuji.


People can buy pearls, metals, tea and stocks.


Zhuji has a lot of food to eat, the most famous food is tofu, in Zhuji people have many ways to make a delicious tofu. fermented tofu and Xishi tofu are the most famous food in Zhuji, if people go to Zhuji, they absolutely will taste these two dishes.


There are lots of bars in Zhuji, if people get 18 years old, they can go to bars to have drink. The biggest club in Zhuji is behind the City Square. Many adults will go there to spend their time, because that club which is called Suhe has a good environment and wonderful drinks.


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