Wujiang is a small city (1.5 million) located about 20 km south of downtown Suzhou on the shore of Lake Tai. Administratively, it is a county-level city within the prefecture-level city Suzhou.

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Line 4 of the Suzhou Metro will run to Wujiang. As of mid-2014, it is under construction, expected to go into service in 2016.


Retreat and Reflection Garden

Wujiang includes the water towns Tongli and Zhen Ze, very picturesque with many canals, bridges and old buildings. These were formerly market towns for surrounding agricultural areas and are now doing quite well as tourist attractions, mainly for Suzhou people wanting to escape the pressures of the big city.

Tongli has the Retreat and Reflection Garden, the only one of the nine Suzhou classical gardens on the UNESCO World Heritage List located outside downtown Suzhou.

Zhen Ze is a historical town with a river running through the center. The old buildings are still occupied by residents. 1-hour walk from the East End to the West End of town. Things to see are the Ci Yun Pagoda and temple ¥10, Shi Jian Tang, Yu Ji Bridge (qiao), and Shi Fan Bridge (qiao). The tomb of astronomer Wang Xiao An is located in a museum in Zhen Ze Middle School at the West End of town. Entrance fee is ¥5.

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