Zhangye (张掖; Zhāngyè) is a city in Gansu Province.


Zhangye became the garrison headquarters after General Huo established control of the Hexi Corridor. Originally known as Ganzhou, the town was part of the Western Xia dynasty until conquered by Kublai Khan in 1227. Although the city is not a tourist destination as such, it serves as good place to make stop when passing through the Hexi Corridor. Zhangye currently has a population of around 1,250,000. There also live minority Yugu, which is only in Gansu.

Get In

By Air

Newly built airport 13km south of the city. Currently only has flights on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to/from Xi'an via Lanzhou.

By Train

Zhangye Railway Station

Zhangye Station at the end of Zhanghuo Gonglu, 6.5km northeast of the central part of town. Approximately 49 passenger train service use this station daily to destinations as far off as Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Urumqi and Lanzhou. However obtaining a ticket on long-distance through trains can be difficult, often requiring travelers buy a ticket to Lanzhou first. A railway ticket office is more conveniently located downtown in Marco Polo Street, for a ¥5 surcharge, negating having to travel out to the station.

Taxis will charge a set fee to the city of ¥12-15 and will be unlikely to use their meters.

Bus No.1 runs from the train station to the centre of town (Drum Tower) and costs ¥1 (correct change only)

By Bus

East Bus Station is on Huaicheng East Road.

South Bus Station is on Huaicheng South Road.

West Bus Station

Get Around

By bus:

Take bus No.3 to the West bus station, take bus No. 1 to the train station (Bus fares are ¥1 - correct change only)

By privet car/ bus:

You can book a private car via a travel agency or at the reception of most hotels. A trip to Mati Si + Daxia Landscape cost ¥500.)


Dafosi - This hall contains the largest reclining wooden Buddha in China



During the day, give Qing Ming Street a try and during the night, give Xiaochichang (Little Eat Market) a try.



It has two stone lions either side of a revolving doors.

Twin rooms for ¥128 with free (wired) internet, TV, a/c and private bathroom, 24hr hot water.



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