Zenica is an industrial city (the fourth largest, after Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Tuzla) in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the capital of the Zenica-Doboj Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity. It is located about 70 km north of Sarajevo and is situated on the Bosna river, surrounded by mountains and hills.

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By Bus, you can take a bus from Sarajevo


The town's Stara čaršija (old quarter) contains several attractions, including a synagogue, which is now the City Museum and Art Gallery. There is also a mosque (Čaršijska mosque), an Austrian fountain, and an old bey's farm house (Hadžimazića House). Fatih Sultan Mehmed Barracks of the Turkish Armed Forces is also based in Zenica within the peace-keeping activities of European forces in the country.


There are many things to do in Zenica. A lot of people just enjoy walking around the city and shopping. But there are also place where you can hike and enjoy beautiful views.Also,there are beautiful mountains around Zenica. One of the most visited is mountain Smetovi.It is very attractive in all seasons;by summer there are beautiful meadows and forest and marked mountaineer trails trough forests.By winter,it's attractive for skiing and snow boarding.There are few also other mountains worth of seeing such as Lisac and Vepar.


Zenica has nice restaurants serving Bosnian food, fast food, and there are bakeries in the old town Čaršija.


There are several hotels of different kind. The Dubrovnik hotel (http://www.hoteldubrovnik.ba/), in the city center "Metallurg" has brand new rooms, with corresponding higher prices than some other structures which are a bit older. There is in any case plenty of ongoing activities in renovating/building new hotels in the area

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