Zaporizhia (Ukrainian: Запоріжжя) is a city in Ukraine.


The name Zaporozhia means "beyond the rapids". Before the Dniproges Dam was built, the rapids on the Dniepr river were a notorious impediment to navigation.

Get in

Zaporozhia is around 10 hours away from Kiev via train. There is one daily departure and several night trains heading in both directions. The journey costs around £30 for third class or £56 second class from If you buy tickets locally, the price will be $10 and $15 respectively, but you will have to buy them several days in advance, or risk that the train could be sold out.

There are also daily trains from Moscow, Minsk, Simferopol, and Kharkov.

For the adventurous or cash-strapped, there are also several daily marshrutkas departing from outside Kiev train station. Expect to take around 10 hours. There are also many marshrutkas from neighbouring cities

Finally, Motor Sich Airlines operate one daily flight to and from Kiev. A one-way ticket costs around $100.

Get around

Main transport Zaporozhye - route taxis (express-buses, here also called "marshrutka"), routes of which are led all around the city. Besides them there are bus, trolleybus and tram (streetcar) routes.

The main traffic artery - Lenin, Ave. through which runs most of the routes. Here also all of the major interchange junctions are located:

The cost of transport:

Route taxis - from 1.75 to 3.25 UAH. (most - UAH2.50) Buses - 1,50 - 2,25 UAH. Trolleybuses - 1,50 UAH. Trams (streetcars) - 1,50 UAH.

Also in the city there are taxis. Taxis should be called on the phone, rather than taken from a road.



All of the major clothing stores, jewelry Zaporozhye concentrated in shopping centers and along the avenue. Lenin from the intersection with the street. Leonova to pl. Festival.

Grocery stores

Grocery stores in Zaporizhya are networks ATB, Silpo, Amstor, Auchan.

Specialty shops alcoholic

Alcoholic beverages are best to buy in specialized stores - so you can avoid falsification. In Zaporizhya there are two networks of alcohol markets:


Each district in Zaporizhya have 1-2 local grocery market. Their location can be obtained from local residents.

In addition, there are two large flea market in Zaporizhya: Angolenko and Voznesenovsky markets.

Market Angolenko is located on the street. Angolenko, just called and bus stops. Entrance to the market as possible by the Shevchenko district, and from the Ave. Lenin.

Voznesenovsky market is located between the Pobedy ave. and Pryberezhna magistral closer tiothe Dnieper from Festival square.

Shops household

There are three shops networks of household in Zaporizhya: Eva, Prostor, Lotos


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