Zamboanga (city)

Zamboanga City is in the Mindanao region of the Philippines. Known as the City of Flowers (the etymology of Zamboanga comes from the Malay word jambangan means garden of flowers), it is now one of the most important and busiest port cities in the Philippines. The Chavacano Language (popularly known as Zamboangueño language or Zamboangueño Chavacano, which is based on 80% Spanish words, and 20% Italian, Portuguese, Quechua, Taino, Mexican-Indian, Nauhtl, Tagalog, Ilongo, Bisaya and other Philippine languages) made Zamboanga as "Asia's Latin City." This is also because of the same traditions with Spain, particularly the patroness Our Lady of the Pilar (which is also the Patroness of Spain).

Get in

By plane

There are daily flights to/from Manila by Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines.

By boat

The Port of Zamboanga has a scheduled ferry passenger service to/from Sandakan, Malaysia. In addition, it is served by several shipping lines offer regular trips from Dipolog/Dapitan, Jolo, Bongao, Isabela City, Cebu City and Dumaguete.

By road

If you are from Luzon and Visayas, the Nautical Highways (RoRo) can bring you here. Buses from major cities in Mindanao are also available. there are buses going to Dipolog. and Cagayan de Oro via Pagadian and Iligan.

Get around

For those who don't have someone to pick them up, there is public transportation readily available. You have your choice of tri-cycles, Jeepneys, or taxi. Taxi would be your best bet. The taxi fare for a 5 kilometer trip would be less than 50 pesos but there aren't that many available.

Second choice is the tri-cycle. A passenger and luggage traveling a distance of 5 kilometers would cost no more than 30 pesos. But since you are coming from the port, the tri-cycle drivers want a heftier fare (this is illegal for them because they can lose their license). So usually the fare is bumped up 100%.

Jeepney p8 for the 1st 4 kms.



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Iligan or Cagayan de Oro

Davao or Cebu

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