Zahedan is the capital of Baluchistan province in Iran. It is border city connecting Iran with Pakistan and if one is not going through Afghanistan, they'll have to pass through Zahedan on the overland route from Istanbul to New Delhi.

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By air

The airport is on the outskirts of the city, and has connections to Tehran, Isfahan, Kerman, Mashhad, Gorgan, Shiraz in Iran and also an International flight to Dubai

By train

Trains run twice a month from Quetta in Pakistan, leaving Quetta on the 1st and 15th every month. The journey takes around 11 hours and costs around 1000 Pakistani rupees.

The railroad from Bam/Kerman to Zahedan was finally inaugurated in June 2009, with traffic started in January 2012. There is a direct Tehran-Zahedan train, which takes about 24 hours and is formed of couchette sleepers. More information can be found on the Iranian railways website.



If you’re very lucky you might be in town for a camel race (mosabagheh-ye shotor-e davani), a traditional Baluchi activity usually held in summer.

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