Yoshino (吉野) is a town in Nara Prefecture, Japan.

Together with many other individual sites, 8 ancient temples and shrines built in the mountain area of Yoshino are listed as a part of UNESCO World Heritage under the name of Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range.

Mount Yoshino (alt. 455m) is cited since many centuries as Japan's most beautiful cherry blossom spots.

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By train

About 1h30m depending on connections from Nara on Kintetsu lines, with changes at Yamato-Saidai-ji Station to Kintetsu Kashihara line and at Kashihara Station to Kintetsu Yoshino line.




Yoshino seems to be famous for sweets made from arrowroot (葛, くず). These sweets come in a few varieties, some looking no different from mochi, while others are more like transparent jelly. Many places offer shime saba (cured mackerel) sushi wrapped in persimmon leaves.

During the sakura blossoming season, the streets are lined with stands selling the typical Japanese street food: takoyaki, frankfurters, okonomiyaki. Many places offer oden, konnyaku in particular.

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