Yōrō (養老) is a small town in southwestern Gifu prefecture, Japan nestled between the farming land of greater Nagoya and the mountains.


Yoro waterfalls

Yōrō lies at the foot of the mountains and is a popular momiji (autumn colours) viewing spot of central Japan. It is also the region chosen by the architectural duo Arakawa-Ginz to be first turned into their vision of the future.

Get in

The local Kintetsu Yoro train line running from Ogaki to Kuwana stops at Yōrō about halfway.

Nexco also upkeeps an expressway service area and interchange on the northern fringe of town.

Get around

Walk, or if you are staying over, hop in the courtesy car that most local onsen-resorts provide.


Autumn colours and waterfalls in the nearby mountains. Numerous hiking courses exist as well as a chairlift.


Site of Reversible Destiny: Yōrō Park


There are a tonne of upmarket onsen resorts a ways north-west of the train station.

Stay safe

Yōrō Park is still open during mild rain so uhh... whilst it is undoubtedly more fun this way, be careful.

Go next

Escape to Nagoya, Gifu or maybe towards Ise in Mie prefecture.

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