Yongin (용인, 龍仁) is in Gyeonggi province in South Korea.

Dance performance at the Korean Folk Village


Yongin is the location of large scale amusement parks and resorts (including Korea's largest, Everland), the Korean Folk Village and a ski resort. Although technically outside of the capital Seoul, it is often regarded as a suburb and is reachable on the Seoul metro network.

One of the main television stations, MBC, has its drama studios here, with its K-Drama productions being extremely popular throughout East Asia.

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Seoul Metropolitan Subway Bundang Line passes through Yongin, stopping at Jukjeon Station (죽전역) and Sanggal Station (상갈역).

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Some buses from Suwon also operate.


Yongin's City Hall recommends the following as the top 10 attractions for visitors to the city:

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There are tigers in safari.
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