Yinchuan (银川; Yínchuān) is the capital of Ningxia Autonomous Region. Located on the Yellow River, it was once the capital of the Western Xia Empire. Currently the city has a population or around 750,000.


Nicknamed the Phoenix City, Yinchuan is a rising northwest Chinese industrial city and the capital of Ningxia Autonomous Region. Being one of a very few parts of China where an ethnic minority (Hui people) hold the power of governance, it is a treasure of Chinese-Muslim culture.

Yinchuan has two parts, the new city, with all of the industry, universities and colleges, is huddled around the main train station while the old city, the more livable of the two, lies 8 km to the east. Rapid growth over recent years has been quickly drawing these two distinct centers together as foreign investment grows.

Yinchuan historically served as a trade route town made large for its convenient location between Western Chinese cities such as Urumqi and the Eastern ones such as Beijing and Shenyang.

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By plane

Yinchuan People's Airport (IATA: INC) is 25 km from Yinchuan and has flights to Beijing, Chengdu, Dunhuang, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an, and Zhengzhou.

By train

Yinchuan Railway Station (银川火车站; Yínchuān Huǒchēzhàn) is on Xingzhou Road in the New Town.

By bus

Long-Distance Bus Station is across the square from South Gate.

Get around

Buses ¥1-¥2, as far you can go. Also small buses, same prices, going longer distances. You can also use the back doors, tickets sold on bus. Ticket girl will ask you how far you wish to go, if you don't know she will tell you when to pay extra money.




Eight Treasures Tea is a muslim specialty and in good supply around Yinchuan. Wolfberries found in Yinchuan are said to be the best in the world.




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