Yeghegnadzor landscape
Noravank Monastery

Yeghegnadzor is a town in Southern Armenia. This small city is located in a good spot to explore the surrounding sites for a few days, and in a fantastic area for hiking and spelunking. The city itself is right by the main North-South highway and has comfortable accommodations and is a very typical town in Armenia for those who want an experience outside of Yerevan. Things to see in the area include the Areni wine country, the spectacular canyon and monastery in Noravank, the impressive Smbatabert Fortress/Tsakhats Kar Monastery area, the old silk road caravanserai of Selim, sitting on top of the world, lot of other monuments and a number of caves and cavern systems.

Get in

All transport heading north or south in the region passes by Yeghegnadzor on the main highway.

By bus

Marshutkas from Yerevan (about $5, 1.5 hrs) and shared taxis depart from Gordzaranayin traffic circle, near the subway stop of the same name.

Marshutkas and buses can be caught going as far as the Iranian border or Nagorno-Karabakh to the south.

By car

It is an hour and a half drive from Yerevan, and taxis will set you back $20-30.

Taxis can be easily caught at the Yeghegnadzor's bus station by the highway where they wait for passengers.

Get around

Walking around much of Yeghegnadzor is nice, as is hiking to some of the closer sights. A car or taxi to other sites is quite helpful however. There is only one main highway running to the south of Armenia so it is not a problem to try and hitchhike. Armenians outside of Yerevan are very friendly. If you try to hitch stand on the side of the road a little outside of town on the highway leading to Yeghegnadzor and hold out your hand. Do not be surprised if they driver who picks you up invites you to his home for horovats (Armenian BBQ).

A taxi from the main entrance to the guesthouse area (in the northwestern part of the town) should cost about 500 AMD ($1). A taxi to Shatin or Vernashen is 1000-2000 AMD ($2-4).

Many car owners act as taxi drivers and make a nice conversation. Taxi drivers:


Spitakavor Monastery
Tsakhats Kar

Other sites

Smaller sites if you have the time or are in the area.




There are many barbecue restaurants, many of them with primarily outdoor seating along the highway near Yeghegnadzor, along the Arpa River. In Yeghegnadzor there is a small new restaurant/cafe which opened in 2006 in a central location, with indoor or patio seating.


Wherever you can eat, you can drink in these parts. Drinking means wine, vodka or beer, or homemade liqueurs.


View from the tourist route from Vernashen village to the Spitakavor monastery

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