Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley is a wine-growing area with many wineries, near Melbourne in Victoria. One advantage of the valley is that it is literally on Melbourne's doorstep. From the center of the city, you can be there in approximately an hour, simply by driving down the Eastern Freeway and the Maroondah Highway, which runs through the middle of the valley. The wineries are clearly signposted, and many of them are directly accessible from the highway.



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Scruffy bunch Tours is a Melbourne based business that offers Winery and Microbrewery Tours to the Yarra-Valley. They have been operating for 2 years and are accredited by Better Business Victoria.


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Crime in Yarra Valley is almost non-existent, but care should still be taken such as lock your car doors and make sure that valuables inside the car are not visible to outside. If you follow these precautions, everything should be fine and your day would be an enjoyable one.

Since you are likely to be on a wine tasting tour, it is advisable to be aware of how high your B.A.C (Blood Alcohol Content) if you are driving. The legal limit is 0.05%. Police regularly set up check points around Yarra Valley to test the motorists' alcohol level (often referred by locals and police alike as the "Booze Bus" due to the use of a police bus to detain the drivers over the BAC limit), make sure you are not over the limit, or the police will issue you a large fine and ban you from driving in Australia.

When driving, be careful of wildlife during sunset, as this is the time that animals like kangaroos tend to be active during this period.

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