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Yamalia (Russian: Яма́ло-Нене́цкий автоно́мный о́круг yuh-MAH-luh nee-NYEHT-skee uhf-tah-NOHM-nee OH-krook) is the northernmost region in Russia's Urals Region and is home to Russia's most important natural gas deposits as well as large West Siberian oilfields. Located in the middle of Russia's Arctic Ocean coast, Yamalia is about as remote a destination as one could possibly choose and is rarely visited by anyone except those on oil and gas business.


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Despite looking much like an ahistorical barren land of interest only for its natural gas and oil reserves, Yamalia was the site of some of the most interesting conflicts of Russia's Siberian expansion. Prior to conquest by Yermak Timofeyich (who was killed in the process), Yamalia was known as the Khanate of Sibir, led by the energetic Tatar Khan Kumuch, who mounted fierce resistance to Russian expansion and attempted to convert (and thereby unify against the Cossacks) his diverse people of Siberian Tatars, Khanti, Mansi, Nenets, Yamals, and Selkups to Islam. In the wake of the region's conquest, colonists established the first Russian settlement of the region, Salekhard, in 1595.

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Novy Urengoy is at the end of the rail line from Tyumen, which passes through Surgut.

Salekhard, Novy Urengoy, and Nadym each have airports, which service flights to/from Moscow, Tyumen, and Yamburg, Nenetsia. while Novy Urengoy's airport has flights to/from Moscow, Tyumen, and Ufa. Noyabrsk's airport has some flights to/from Moscow.

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The bigger gas and oil towns have significant drug-related crime and visitors should be wary.

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