Xixia Wangling National Park

Xixia Wangling National Park is in Ningxia Autonomous Region of China.


Nine tombs of Western Xia kings and 140-plus companion tombs buried with the remains of major imperial family members and aristocrats arelaid out according to the contours of the terrain in an area of 50 square km on the eastern side of Helan Shan. Each tomb was an independent architectural complex more than 100,000 sq. meters in area, which was complete with turrets, archways, stele pavilion, outer wall, inner city, memorial hall, pagoda-shaped altar, and divine wall. It is one of the largest and best protected imperial cemeteries in China.


Western Xia, dynasty in China, 1038 to 1227 AD.

Get in

From Tourists bus station on Xinyue Square (新月广场; xinyue guangchang), Yinchuan, close to crossing Beijing street and Qinghe street in center, right next to Yinchuan Islamic center (银川清真美食文化城). Bus leaves at 9am, ¥8, takes one hour to the Park. Then 2 hours time for visit, going back also for ¥8.

A 20 minutes taxi ride from Yinchuan costs around ¥100 return, including waiting time.


Entrance: ¥60, student ¥30. Bus from bus station ¥8 one way. Toilet ¥1 near to entrance or free 100m in forest. Free toilets are also available in the museum building once you've paid to enter.

Get around

You don't have to enter the park. Walk about 2km in direction from where you came with bus, than you can see tombs for free.


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