Xiaogan (孝感; Xiàogǎn) is a city in northwest Hubei Province, central China.

Get in

In Wuhan, take the Wuhan Metro to Hanxi First Road (Hanxi Yilu or 汉西一路) station. Cross the intersection and proceed northwest about 400 meters along the south side of the street (Jiefang Avenue, which the metro line follows). Then a short distance down your first left (to the south) will bring you to the Hànkǒu shuǐ zhàn (汉口水站), which translates as the Hankou Water Station. There are frequent buses to Xiaogan from this Wuhan bus station. You'll arrive at the bus station at 108 Huaiyin Avenue in Xiaogan.

The train is another option, although Xiaogan's train station is at the north end of town, less central than the bus station.


From People's Square walk west to the somewhat scenic (for downtown) Houhu lake. There is supposed to be a museum north of the Square (go up Chengzhan Road about 600 meters) beside the library.


Rooms at the Qiankun Business Hotel on Qiankun Avenue (乾坤大道) are about 170元 and include breakfast.

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