World Heritage Tour in Nara

This article is an itinerary.

This is an itinerary in Nara, covering as many World Heritage Sites (WH) as possible with the discount three day pass, arriving from and leaving to Kyoto/Osaka.


Nara Prefecture has the most World Heritage Sites in Japan 3. This article proposes the most efficient way to cover them. Nara has the following World Heritage Sites:


Make sure to get Nara World Heritage three day pass -Nara, Ikaruga, Yoshino Areas-(Nara Sekai Isan Frea Kippu -Nara, Ikaruga, Yoshino Areas-) at Kintetsu Railway stations (below). It's valid only for Kintetsu Railway and Nara Kotsu Bus services(not for JR), but covers all the transportation expenses of the following itinerary (except Yoshino Ropeway). Tell the ticket clerk on what date you will start using it and you can get a pass one month in advance.

This three day pass costs:

This itinerary is based on the WEEKDAY timetable, and may vary on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays.

Also bring this PDF MAP of railways in Nara with you.


Get in

Leave your hotel in Osaka or Kyoto as early as possible for Nara after rush hour(7:00-9:00).

From Osaka
From Kyoto

On your way to Nara, stop at Yamato-Saidaiji Station and walk to the Heijo Palace Site(WH) (appr. 15 minutes). The grounds are quite vast, so if you choose to visit the museums (at opposite ends of the area), you may be pressed for time to see the rest of the day's sites, depending on how long you take to see each. It may be wise to give the museums a miss, as they are not of any great interest. At the very least, walk to the center of the grounds to see the actual excavation site and the remnants of the old imperial palace. You may also enjoy seeing the Suzakumon Gate, although it is a modern reconstruction.

Go back to Yamato-Saidaiji Station and head to Nara Staton where you will find the rest of the days sites.

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You can best manage your time by visiting the sites in the following order (You will go through the Kofukuji area on the way to/from Gango-ji Temple, so order is not as important here.) The others are listed in the order you will pass them walking away from the station:

Todai-ji Temple.

Note that the three day pass is valid for Nara Kotsu Bus service in central Nara.


Get in

In the morning, catch the train from Kintetsu Nara station to Yamato-Saidaiji station(2 stops from Nara) and then to Yoshino. There are lots of commuter service between Nara and Yamato-Saidaiji stations, arriving at Yamato-Saidaiji every 10 minutes.

Mt. Omine and Onsen

It's extremely difficult to get to Ominesan-ji Temple(WH) in Mt.Omine(WH) by public transportation, but you can find authentic ryokans in Dorokawa Onsen Village in front of Mt.Omine if interested. Women are not permitted to climb this mountain, as a part of religious tradition.

To Yoshino Station(Kintetsu Line)
Nara station 8:10 8:25 9:18 9:39 10:02
Yamato-Saidaiji station 8:22 8:41 9:28 9:52 10:23
arrivals at Kashihara Jingu Mae station 8:50 9:13 9:57 10:20 10:56
departures from Kashihara Jingu Mae station 9:04 9:30 10:10 10:31 10:59
Yoshino Station 9:53 10:23 10:53 11:23 11:53

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Day 3 Outskirt NARA and HORYU-JI

This day, you will leave Nara and have to check out of your hotel in the morning. But you will probably be able to leave your baggage there until late afternoon.

Line No.97 Nara-Nishinokyo-Ikaruga Excursion Bus Line

E-1(Kasuga Shrine) - E-2(Nara Prefectural Hall) - E-3(Todai-ji Temple/Nara National Museum) - E-4(Nara Prefecture Headquarters) - E-5(Kofuku-ji Temple) - E-6(Kintetsu Nara Station) - E-7(JR Nara Station) - E-8(Toshodai-ji Temple) - E-9(Yakushi-ji Temple) - E-10(Yakushi-ji Temple) - E-11(Jiko-in Temple) - E-12(Hokki-ji Temple) - E-13(Chugu-ji Temple) - E-14(Chugu-ji Temple) - E-15(Horyu-ji Temple)

In the morning, catch the bus on Nara-Nishinokyo-Ikaruga Excursion Bus line(Line No. 97) from Kintetsu Nara(at 8:43) or JR Nara(at 8:45) stations to terminal Horyu-ji(E-15)(at 9:43) and Hokki-ji(E-13).

Main article Horyu-ji, Nara

In the afternoon, catch the bus(Line No. 97) at 12:43 or 13:43 to Yakushi-ji(E-10) and Toshodai-ji(E-8). The distance from Yakushi-ji to Toshodai-ji is 600m and can be covered on foot. The latest bus departs from Toshodai-ji(E-8) at 16:23 and arrives at Kintetsu Nara station at 16:40.

To Toshodai-ji, Yakushi-ji, and Horyu-ji
Kasuga Shrine(E-1) 8:36 10:06 11:06 12:06 13:06 14:06 15:06
Todai-ji(E-3) 8:39 10:09 11:09 12:09 13:09 14:09 15:09
Kintetsu Nara Station, Platform(8)(E-6) 8:43 10:13 11:13 12:13 13:13 14:13 15:13
JR Nara Station, Platform(10)(E-7) 8:45 10:15 11:15 12:15 13:15 14:15 15:15
Toshodai-ji(E-8) 8:59 10:29 11:29 12:29 13:29 14:29 15:29
Yakushi-ji(E-10) 9:03 10:33 11:33 12:33 13:33 14:33 15:33
Kintetsu Koriyama Station 9:18 10:48 11:48 12:48 13:48 14:48 15:48
Horyu-ji(E-15) 9:43 11:13 12:13 13:13 14:13 15:13 16:13
To Central Nara
Horyu-ji(E-15) 8:43 9:43 10:43 11:43 12:43 13:43 14:43 15:43
Kintetsu Koriyama Station 9:08 10:08 11:08 12:08 13:08 14:08 15:08 16:08
Yakushi-ji(E-10) 9:17 10:17 11:17 12:17 13:17 14:17 15:17 16:17
Toshodai-ji(E-8) 9:23 10:23 11:23 12:23 13:23 14:23 15:23 16:23
JR Nara Station(E-7) 9:38 10:38 11:38 12:38 13:38 14:38 15:38 16:38
Kintetsu Nara Station(E-6) 9:40 10:40 11:40 12:40 13:40 14:40 15:40 16:40
Todai-ji(E-3) 9:44 10:44 11:44 12:44 13:44 14:44 15:44 16:44
Kasuga Shrine(E-1) 9:49 10:49 11:49 12:49 13:49 14:49 15:49 16:49

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Pick up your baggage at your hotel and leave Nara for Osaka or Kyoto. No extra charge is needed if you travel from Kyoto/Osaka and back to the same city. Otherwise,

Pay the extra fee at the Kintetsu train station in Osaka or Kyoto.

For Osaka
For Kyoto
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