Winooski is a city in Northwest Vermont located across the Winooski River from Burlington. It is both the most densely populated and smallest city by area in the state. Affectionately referred to by some as "Burlington's Brooklyn," "The 'Noosk," and the "Onion City," Winooski is an up-and-coming dining destination in the area and is developing an arty vibe.

Get around

On foot

Winooski is a very small city. Most people should have no problem walking anywhere they need to go. Winooski is built on a hill, but most attractions are located downtown which is at the bottom of the hill. There is a busy traffic circle at the center of town and pedestrians should be sure to use marked cross walks when crossing.

By bike

Cycling is also a good option for getting around the city. Some of the larger streets have bike lanes and traffic generally moves at low speeds.

By public transportation

Winooski is served by the Riverside and Essex Junction routes of CCTA. Both provide access to downtown.

By car

For a city of its size, getting around by car can be surprisingly difficult. Parking can be hard to find at times and traffic moves particularly slowly at rush hour. As the city is small in area, you are probably better off parking your vehicle and exploring the city on foot.


Winooski has some classic New England mills located along the river. They have all been converted into office space or housing, but the exteriors remain unchanged. The Winooski River marks the southern border of the city and there are a set of rapids and a waterfall located just south of downtown.





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Routes through Winooski

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