Whale Valley

Whale skeleton

Whale Valley (Wadi al-Hitan) is in Fayum Protectorate in Egypt.


The Valley contains an incredible amount of fossils, particularly those of whales (hence the name), and was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005.

Get in

You can't get there except by a private car or a helicopter. You will cross a desert track which requires a rugged vehicle.



There is a gallery in which you can buy some things made by the Badu or other things made by normal vendors. There are clothes, books, maps, artistatic things, and hats.


It is best to bring everything you want to eat with you. There is a cafe but it's very small and lacks a lot of things.


Bring drinks with you. You have to drink a lot of water during the summer season.



You can camp there in the tent they provide, or in your own.

Stay safe

Take care to avoid scorpions.

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