West Valley City

West Valley City is a city of 113,000 near Salt Lake City in the Wasatch Range. Although it is technically Utah's second largest city, it is in reality more of a suburb of the capital and has little to offer a traveler. On the other hand, West Valley City is home to the most diverse community in Utah, with approximately 45% of the residents being immigrants from Vietnam, Mexico, Pacific Islanders and others. Tourists may want to try to come to WVC to eat various ethic dishes in West Valley City.

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West Valley City lies on what is known as a grid system and is part of the greater Salt Lake City grid. For helpful information on the grid system used in Utah, please see the Salt Lake City page. The easiest way to get to West Valley City from the international airport is to take I-80 East until the first I-215 south exit and continue southwards until you reach exits for 3500 South.


TRAX is a light rail line administered by the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) located in the Salt Lake Valley. The new Green Line begins from the municipal center (West Valley Central Station, at 2750 West 3590 South) in West Valley City and continues northeast to Salt Lake City downtown, with stops at Decker Lane (3070 S. 2200 West), Redwood Junction (1740 W. Research Way) and River Trail (2340 S. 1070 West).

Fares begin at $2.35 and payable at electronic ticket kiosks at TRAX stations. Day pass can be purchased for $5.75, or a return (roundtrip) ticket for $4.70. The difference is that with a day pass, you may use TRAX or buses for an unlimited time for the day. The trip from West Valley Central Station to downtown (Temple Square) lasts about 28 minutes. The first northbound train departs at 5:01AM weekdays, 5:21AM Saturdays and 10:01AM Sundays. The last train southbound arriving at West Valley Central station at 11:23PM weekdays, 11:58PM Saturdays and 9:38PM Sundays. For more information on TRAX system and schedule, consult the UTA website at:


UTA also operates an extensive bus system which covers the entire Wasatch Range.

Please consult the bus timetables at for more information. It is important to note that not all lines run every day, and that bus services can be reduced or nonexistent on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays unless otherwise announced.





Most of the restaurants are located on 3500 South, and there is a great diversity of food offered by these restaurants, ranging from Mexican to Asian cuisines. Listings start from just east of Redwood, going westwards.

East of Redwood Road

West of Redwood Road

Valley Fair Shopping Mall, west of I-215



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