Southern Sulawesi

Southern Sulawesi consists of the provinces of South Sulawesi and West Sulawesi in Indonesia.


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There is now a new dive shop starting up. Bira Divers. Bira divers is a small dive operation with a western management. Bira is now an upcoming dive destination that will soon be very popular.

Get around

To get into the upper regions of Western Sulawesi you can take a mini-bus from Makasar to the small, inviting city of Mamasa. The ride is rough after you leave the coastal region, taking about 10 hours in total, give or take the whim of the driver.


Makassar is one of the culinary centers of Indonesia. Home of some Bugis and Makassar delicacies such as Coto (it is a soup with seasoning broth made from starch mixed with innards such as intestine, liver, lungs, heart, tripe, or cow brain), Konro( this soup is made with ribs or beef as main ingredient), Pallubasa(made from offal of cattle or buffalo) and Mie Kering( a type of dried noodle served with thick gravy and sliced chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, liver, and squid). As a big fish market center, Makassar is also famous for its seafood. Sop Sodara from Pangkep and Kapurung from Palopo are also famous dishes of South Sulawesi.

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