Warwickshire (pronounced "Worrick-sher" or "Worrick-sheer") is a county in the West Midlands region of England, part of the United Kingdom. The county is noted for being located at the very heart and centre of England, as well as for its many historical and cultural attractions.


Map of Warwickshire


Warwickshire began as a division of the kingdom of Mercia in the early eleventh century, and its name was first referenced in 1001, with "Warwick" meaning "dwellings by the weir". Coventry was particularly important during the Middle Ages due to its role in the textiles trade, and it dominated Warwickshire at the time. The county played a key role in the English Civil War. During the Industrial Revolution it became one of the most important industrial counties in England due to its containing Birmingham and Coventry.


As with much of the UK, English is the main language.


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As with the rest of the UK, in any emergency call 999 or 112 (from a land-line if you can) and ask for Ambulance, Fire or Police when connected.

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