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Praga is the central and historic core of right bank Warsaw.

Formally, Praga is composed of two districts, Praga Północ and Praga Południe,which are separated from each other by the railway tracks. The districts themselves mainly serve administrative purposes, as they are both very heterogeneous and diverse inside.

Within Praga Południe Gocław and Gocławek are relatively new residential areas built in the 1960s and 1970s, Kamionek and Grochów have a history on par with other settlements that then formed Warsaw, like Ujazdów and Mokotów, Saska Kępa is a prestigious mansionesque area that is home to many embassies and Olszynka Grochowska is mostly a forest.

Within Praga Północ, the south centered around Aleja Solidarności contains many historic buildings and is reinventing itself as a trendy home for all kinds artistic undertakings, while the northern part is almost entirely industrial.

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Praga Południe in highlighted in dark red.
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The zoo not just a sanctuary for animals

During the Nazi occupation of Warsaw, Jan Żabiński, the Warsaw Zoo's director, and his wife, Antonia, saved about 300 Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto and Nazi death camps. The Żabiński family turned the zoo into a pig farm, which was to be used so the German forces could be fed. Jan Żabiński befriended a few Nazi officials and was granted access to the Warsaw Ghetto so he could gather left over scraps to feed the pigs, to study the Ghetto's park system, and for any other imaginable reason. His real reason for going to the Ghetto was to smuggle Jews out and safeguard them at the zoo by hiding the Jews in the cages and animal exhibits at the zoo. Diane Ackerman wrote The Zookeeper's Wife, which details the story of the Żabińskis, focusing particularly on Antonia's story.

Lemurs eating weeds at the Warsaw Zoo.


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