The western part of Warsaw consists of the districts of Bemowo, Ursus and Włochy. It is primarily residential with varying degrees of density. Apart from the Warsaw Chopin Airport in Włochy and the general aviation airport in Bemowo, there is not much of regular touristic interest in this part of Warsaw.

The western districts are separated from the rest of Warsaw by railway lines, so getting there requires extra effort and is not easily achievable on foot or by bike. As not many tourists actually do that, the tourist infrastructure is almost nonexistent, save for the cluster of hotels close to the Chopin Airport.


Ursus on the map of Warsaw
Bemowo on the map of Warsaw

Włochy' is the Polish name for Italy, and the name of the district might originate from Italian immigrants settling there at some point in history. For tourists, the most important thing about the district is that is encompasses the Warsaw Chopin Airport and numerous hotels close to the airport. Otherwise, it is a primarily low-rise residential district with very little places of tourist interest. As the district's population density is low, getting around by public transportation might not be that easy, but it is relatively easy to get in and out of the airport by both public transportations and by car.

Ursus (Latin: bear) was originally the brand name of tractors manufactured there, but it soon superseded the real name of the locality, which was Czechowice. Ursus is a formerly industrial district that is now turning residential.

Bemowo mainly consists of prefab residential highrises built around the Powstańców Śląskich street and the adjacent general aviation airport, a part of which is also used for mass events. The name comes from Józef Bem.

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Restaurants are few and far between. Your best bet is heading for the city centre for a broader choice.



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