Vuno is a village in Coastal Albania, located a few kilometres north to the town of Himarë.

Overview of Vuno village


Vuno is a small village on a mountainside near the ocean. It has about 80 inhabitants all year round which increases to about 500 in the summertime. There is no school here anymore, so the youngsters have to go elsewhere for education.

Get in

You can take a bus from Tirana to Sarandë but since it departs early in the morning, you may try getting first to the town of Vlorë and then taking a bus to Himarë. In either case, just ask the driver to stop in Vuno. Vuno is the small village between Dhermi and Himarë.

Get around

The village is small and easily covered on foot. Besides that, the most reliable way to get around (ie. to nearby Himarë or to the beach) is hitchhiking. Basically, any car with available seats and heading for your direction will take you. If you're staying at Shkolla Hostel there is a possibility that the nice people working there can give you a lift for a fee.


Canyon de Gjipe


Jala Beach is the most popular beach near Vuno

Other than this, it is a great place to wander about this pure area, encountering stocks of various domestic animals.


There are two small restaurants/cafés/shops in the village. Here you can buy some groceries, eat a few of the local dishes or just grab a local beer. Don't expect anything fancy, but this is the meetingspot for the locals in the summertime and gives you the opportunity to meet some autentic Albanians.


Beers can be bought at the two restaurants mentioned in the "Eat"-section. Jal beach, 5 km from Vuno, has a few clubs and bars where you can find drinks and some decent and quite posh parties from time to time. How posh? Sometimes even the urban people of Tirana comes down here to see and be seen.


Stay safe

The only safety issue in Vuno would be the stray dogs. Some are really friendly and just want you to pet them. Some are scared and run away as soon as they see you. Others will try to chase you away from their territory for sure. Don't get bitten! If you hear them growl, leave, but back off slowly and don't run, as dogs have an instinct to chase after anything that runs.

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