Vulci is a former Etruscan city in northern Lazio in Italy. It is now deserted but many of the Etruscan ruins found in excavations from 1828 onwards of an extensive Necropolis are housed in a former castle.


Vulci was active as early as the 8th century BC. In the 6th century BC, the presence of Greek labour led to the production of ceramics, sculptures and bronze objects of a high standard. The struggle to remain independent from Rome came to an end in 280 BC when Vulci had to give up most of its territory. The city then declined and disappeared rapidly.

The Etruscan Museum at Vulci

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From Rome, take the A12 Autostrada to Civitavecchia continuing into the E80 (Via Aurelia) at the end of the Autostrada. After Tarquinia leave the E80 at Montalto de Castro and follow the signs.


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