Vulcano ( -- Italian) is one of the Aeolian Islands. Famous for its mud baths, the island literally smells like rotten eggs (sulfur). Odor or no odor, it's an interesting place to visit for the traveler interested in geology and hiking, not to mention soaking in some rays on the beaches.

Laghetto di Fanghi (mud baths)

Get in

Primary access is by boat. The hydrofoil and ferry operators SIREMAR, Ustica Lines, and NGI all connect Vulcano to other points in the Aeolian Islands and to Sicily and the mainland. Access from Milazzo in Sicily is convenient, as Vulcano is the boats' first stop from there as they proceed to the other islands. If you're not bringing a vehicle (there's really not much need for one), try to board a hydrofoil; they're significantly quicker than the ferries, and generally quite comfortable.

Air Panarea offers helicopter flights to Vulcano on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the summer. However, they're expensive and don't save much time compared to the hydrofoils.

Get around

It's a small island, and essentially all points of interest to the visitor can be reached quickly by foot from the dock area. Moped rentals may be available. Do not expect to get much value out of a full-size car, if for some reason you bring one via ferry; most of the island's roads are sized for a golf cart or similar conveyance.


Vulcano is more oriented toward "doing" than "seeing." However, the beaches are agreeable, particularly on the west side, and you get good views of the active volcano from the small harbor.




The two bars listed under "Eat" also serve beverages of your choice. Vulcano is not a hotbed of night life.


Be warned: unlike some of the other Aeolian Islands, Vulcano has mosquitoes, and most of the lodging on the island derives its temperature control from the breezes that give the islands their name, rather than from air conditioning. Accordingly you may have mosquito problems in your room -- but it's just part of the experience.

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