The river Terek and the 1908 Mukhtarov Mosque

Vladikavkaz is the main city of North Ossetia and a major transit hub for the North Caucasus region. Its position on the Georgian Military Highway makes it a staging post for journeys to both Georgia and South Ossetia.

Get in

By plane

Two flights from Moscow daily - S7 Airlines out of Domodedovo Airport, and Aeroflot Don out of Vnukovo.

By train

Trains run daily to Moscow (35 h) and other southern regional cities such as Rostov on Don (13 h), Adler (17 h) and Novorossisk (18 h).

Get around

Public transit is cheap and reliable - trams, bus, and minibuses (marshrutni). A taxi ride within the town generally costs 50 rubles (US$1.65 as of July 2009). Official taxis are recommended, they are easily available in the center of the city, avoid private taxis (chastniki).

Basically no English is spoken, do not expect to be able to comfortably move around the city without brushed-up knowledge of Russian or assistance from a translator.

City phone code is 8672.


The striking North Ossetian mountains: Tse and Fiagdon in particular. However, all non-Russian citizens are forbidden to travel outside the main towns of Vladikavkaz, Beslan, Alagir and Ardon. If found by local authorities outside the regulated areas you may be subject to a fine and/or deportation.



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