Viscri church and fortress.

Viscri or Deutsch Weisskirch is a village in Brasov County. It is a UNESCO world heritage site.

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The village is located in comuna Bunesti. It is reachable from the villages Bunesti(6km) or Dacia(8km). These are accessible from the road that links Sighisoara and Brasov. Viscri is very close to Rupea. On maps you will probably only find Bunesti.

From Sighisoara an appointment can be made for a bus by calling 072 1176299. The cost is 15 Euro/person, minimum 2 persons. You can also take a taxi from Sighisoara train station to Viscri. It takes about a half hour drive.

Hitchhiking from the main road should not be very difficult.


Houses in Viscri.



Near the school and the post office there is a shop of the Association of Women from Viscri, where you can find handmade socks, hats, pottery and other traditional art and crafts.


Every meal and every ingredient in Viscri is homemade, the only thing produced industrially in your meals will be oil and sugar. A meal ranges from 20 to 50 lei, depending on what you eat.


Near the school there is a good and very cheap cafe: fresh coffee for 4 lei, water 1 leu.


There are also about 60 rooms in the whole village with prices around 35 lei/ person/ night. Because it is a village and everybody knows everybody you can just ask somebody to help you find a place to stay.

There is a nice pension located at the corner of the T-intersection, where the main road meets the steep road leading up to the fortified church. The pension is on one right-angle corner of the T-intersection on the slope, and is directly opposite the Romanian government building which is on the other right-angle corner of the T-intersection.

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