Visby city view

Visby is one of the most remarkable towns in the Nordic countries. It is on the west coast of Sweden's largest island Gotland in the Baltic Sea with about 23,000 citizens. Visby is known for the city wall, the Cathedral and many church ruins. In 1995 the old city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

During the Swedish summer, from mid-June to mid-August, Visby is crowded. It is one of the best party cities in Sweden in the summer. Many Visby residents leave during these hectic months and let their apartments to visitors. During the rest of the year, the atmosphere is quite different.

Get in

By plane

There are flights all year to Visby from Stockholm (Stockholm-Bromma Airport and Stockholm-Arlanda Airport), Gothenburg, Ängelholm and Nyköping. During the summer you can usually fly to various destinations such as Oslo, Hamburg, Riga, Helsinki and Örebro.

By boat

From the Swedish mainland, Destination Gotland runs ferries from Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn to Visby. You can bring your car. In the summer some Baltic Sea cruises also include Visby.

Get around

Mellangatan, a typical street in Old Visby

The inner city (Old Town), which is located within the city walls, is small enough to be covered by foot. The rest of the city is easy to get around by bike and has plenty of good bike paths.

By foot

Visby is best enjoyed by foot, especially the Old Town, located within the city wall.

By bicycle

During the summer there are usually plenty of bike rentals, but they can be expensive, if you're staying for a longer period purchasing a used bike might be a cheaper option.

By bus

There are several bus lines going out to the rest of the island, check the timetable before heading out though.

By car

During the summer cars are not allowed within the city walls. There are parking options free of charge, though a small parking fee is usually required in the city center.

By taxi

Like the rest of Sweden, taxis can be expensive, and are best for short trips when you are unable to get around otherwise.

By sightseeing train

There are a few sightseeing "trains" - practically a couple of trailers with seats and roofs pulled by a vehicle making tours around the old town with an audio guide playing through the speakers. Tours take about 30 minutes and tickets typically cost 65 kr/person.


Visby cathedral seen from Stora Torget square

Note that many of the town's attractions are only open during the summer months, usually until Aug 30th.

Old Town

Church ruins in the Old Town

St.Katarina ruins next to Stora Torget

Visby once had many more churches, but most of them were destroyed in a major fire in 1525. Today the ruins of these remain as attractions.





There are only three ATM machines in the old town and port area: one at Donners Plats just as you come up from the water front, one on Adelsgatan, and one on Stora Torget. The one on Stora Torget in the wall of the small grocery store with the hand-painted text saying "Uttagsautomat" is a minor sight in itself. Along the Östercentrum there are several others.

Most shops close at 5pm on weekdays, 3pm on Saturdays and are closed on Sundays.


There are countless restaurants in Visby, especially during the summer, though the best cooked food is usually served at the year-round-establishments.


Gotlandsdricke is a local type of beer. It is no longer legal to sell, but it's still legal to make it yourself so if you ask around you might be able to find someone who makes it. Back in the day, every farm had their own recipe.



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