Virpazar is a small town on Lake Skadar in Montenegro. Its main attraction is its proximity to the lake and as a great starting point for hiking.

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You can get to Virpazar by train from either Podgorica or Bar for under €5. Trains also run from Sutomore.

You can also get to Virpazar by bus from Podgorica or Sutomore. Longer-distance buses for example, from Ulcinj, Bar towards Podgorica also stops there but it is important that you tell the bus driver that you want to stop in Virpazar or they will probably drive past it because it is so small. Try to arrange arrival during the daytime. The "Bus Stop" is a shed along the roadside and across the railway tracks from Hotel Pelikan. Boat rides can be arranged from there. You will need to wave down the buses heading to Podgorica or Ulcinj/Bar for your on-ward journey.




There is an ATM in Virpazar but it can run out of cash and the shops and restaurants don't accept credit cards. Be prepared and come with cash. Other ATMs are located in Sutomore, a 20 minute train ride away on the coast, and Golubovci a 15 minute bus ride towards capital Podgorica.


There are several great restaurants around the town that serve fresh fish from the lake. If you are looking for an opportunity to stop being so cheap and just enjoy and good meal with some great montenegrin wine Virpazar will present you with a good opportunity.


When you come in to town you will immediately be approached by someone from the main hotel. This person will try and hard sell you into getting a room in the hotel (for something like €40 a night). Don't get sucked in, you can find accommodation a little further up in the town for under €10 per night per person. The hotel restaurant is extremely expensive too.

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