Krishna river near Vijayawada Prakasam Barrage

Vijayawada literally translates to "The Place of Victory". It is also known as Bezawada . It is the third largest city in Andhra Pradesh, India and is located on the banks of the Krishna River, bounded by the lndrakeeladri Hills on the west and the Budameru river on the north.

Vijayawada is in Krishna District, about 275 km from the state capital Hyderabad and is known as the business capital of Andhra Pradesh. It is spread over an area of 61 km² (urban area) with a population of 851,282 (agglomeration 1,039,518) (2001 census) and 1,025,436 (agglomeration 1,411,152) (2006 census).

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By Train

Vijayawada is situated along the Chennai-Howrah, and Chennai-Delhi rail route, the largest railway junction of the South Central Railways, and with frequent service to state capital, Hyderabad.

By Plane

(HYD / VOHS) in Hyderabad and take a connecting, domestic flight to Vijayawada Airport.

Jet Airways and SpiceJet connect the city with Hyderabad,Mumbai,Bangalore and Chennai. Air India connects the city with New Delhi via Hyderabad. The new entrant Air Costa has made the city as its base. It currently connect the city with Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Tirupati and Visakhapatnam, with plans for increased service later.

Get around


Travel by rickshaw was once the most common mode of transportation in city about fifteen years ago. It is now rarely seen on the road. If you can find a rickshaw, they are often a good, cheap ride to most locations within the city.


Not to be confused with a regular rickshaw, these metal and motorized vehicles can take you around the city. Ensure you bargain the fare with the driver before making the trip. There is commonly no meter fitted, so if you don't bargain you might end up paying a lot more based on excuses such as 'there was too much traffic' or 'you didn't know the directions'. There are also pre-paid auto kiosks at the railway station (near the front entrance) and at the bus station, where a policeman or a clerk can give you a printed or written bill for the auto fare, and the driver cannot charge anything more than that amount.


There are very few car-taxis in Vijayawada. You can, though, call up a cab hire (Jahnavi Car Travels,0866-2474394) and have the taxi pick you up. Ola Cabs is the latest addition in this sector which allows you to hire a taxi via Android, iOS and Windows applications.


There are many car rental companies available.

Private transportation service

If you can't bring your own car or drive to your destination, you can also ask for a private transportation service to get around Vijayawada


Most parts of the city and suburbs are knitted together by the bus network run by the APSRTC. A local bus is generally referred to as a 'City bus', and can be boarded at numerous bus-stops spread all across the city. Most bus-stops do not have a timetable displayed, so you have to catch a bus simply by reading the nameplate on the top. Also, during rush hour (which is usually around 8.30 in the morning and 4.30 in the evening and evening rush-hour may continue well until 7.30), there is a lot of hassle when a bus halts, as people trying to get on and off the same time. Overcrowded buses can be tedious and suffocating and are best avoided. If you have to take a bus at all, it is better to try boarding one that has enough room inside.

You have to purchase a ticket when you board a bus, and make sure you have the right amount of change with you. The inter-city bus station is in Krishnalanka, from where state owned transport corporation APSRTC plies buses to every corner of state. You go to almost any place in the Andhra Pradesh from here.

There are private buses that connect the city with Guntur, Hyderabad, Vizag, Bangalore, Pune and Tirupati over a comfortable night-journey, though there are also options for the day-traveler. The tickets for these have to be booked at the offices of the operators.


Vijayawada city View
Kanaka Durga Temple in Vijayawada
Kondapalli Fort
Prakasam Barrage view
Akkanna Madanna Rock cut Caves in Vijayawada
Famous Kondapalli toys in Vijayawada
Lenin Statue in Vijayawada





pubs, club, museum in greater Vijayawada



Andhra style lunch is very expensive and contains many ingredients.



Vijayawada is one of big railway junctions in India. There are many choices.The ones below are the star hotels.

Budget hotels are located near the Old Busstand and near the Railway Station.

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