Vereya is a city in Moscow Oblast.


Vereya is a small historical village in the south-west of Moscow Oblast with rich and interesting history since 1371. The life became quiet here since the middle of 19th century, after Vereya was left far from newly built railways. There are still some nice architectural buildings dating several centuries ago, many are in state of disrepair now.

Get in

By car: From Moscow either by M1 until the crossing with Mozhaisk - Vereya road, then turn to the south, or by M3 until Naro-Fominsk, then cross the town in the direction of Kubinka (look for both Kubinka and Vereya direction roadsigns), but don't miss left turn to Vereya some time after you'll cross the town. By train: Nearest stations are Dorokhovo and Mozhaisk from Belorusskiy train station and Nara from Kievskii train station. See below for how to get further. By bus: Vereya is rather remote and sparsely connected comparing to most towns in Moscow Region. One of the most stable routes is via Dorokhovo station by 32 bus (10-12 per day, 55 minutes). Keep in mind, that in Dorokhovo bus starts not from the bus station, but from the ring to south of railway near the head of electrichka, if you go from Moscow. Other bus connections are: bus 35 from Mozhaisk train station (about 6 per day, 50 minutes, mostly in the morning), bus 23 from Nara train station (10 per days, 1:30 hours) and bus 301 from Tushinskaya metro station in Moscow (6 per day, 2:30 hours, this one may be prone to jams on M1). Amount of buses may depend on day of week and season, dropping in frequency after 4pm, so check beforehand, unless you're ready for taxi or hitchhiking back.

Get around

Vereya's places of interest are reachable by foot, within 20 minutes walk.

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