Vashon Island

Vashon Island is an Island near Seattle in the Puget Sound region of Washington State, United States. This article covers an island alternately called Vashon Island or Vashon-Maury Island, the largest island in Puget Sound south of Admiralty Inlet. There are no bridges to connect the island with the mainland, a big factor contributing to the island's relative isolation and rural character.

Historic Point Robinson Lighthouse

Get in

Vashon Island is accessible by ferry, boat and plane. Ferry terminals are located on the northern and southern ends of the island. There is also a small municipal airport.

By ferry

By plane

By boat

Vashon Island is extremely convenient when exploring Puget Sound located between major harbors in Tacoma, Seattle and the Kitsap Peninsula. However not much guest moorage is available so its best to plan ahead.

Get around

By car

Most people experience the island by car with the Vashon Hwy SW being the main north south travel route through the island, however don't be afraid to get off this road and experience the less traveled side roads, especially roads that offer views of the water.

By bike

Although Vashon is popular with bicyclists, the hills can be intimidating for inexperienced riders and the sometimes tight roads make sharing the road a challenge. The Vashon Highway has ample space for bikers along its shoulder however due to the large amounts of car traffic this might be less desirable for some bikers.

Codfish Dock House in Dockton



Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking can be a rewarding way to explore the islands miles of coastline allowing the paddler a closer and slower look at their surroundings and making Vashon one a popular areas to kayak in Puget Sound. Thick forests of majestic pine and deciduous trees and hundreds of creeks and estuaries dot the coastline. Harbor Seals, Otters, Sea Lions, Bald Eagles and Blue Herons are common sites while the occasional viewing of an Orca or Grey Whale is not out of the question.

Kayak trails

Organized trails offer overnight camping options and maps of appropriate and scenic travel destinations.

Kayak rentals

Scuba diving

purple seastar found on Colvos Passage

Scuba diving the cold waters of Puget Sound takes a bit more gear and training than other warm water locations, but the rewards are incredible. The area contains some of the best diving in the world and many areas are accessible from the Vashon Island. Many dive sites are completely covered with colorful sea creatures that defy description. Giant Pacific Octopus are common, along with friendly wolf eels. Colorful sponges, sea cucumbers, sea stars, soft corals, anemones and fish can be seen on nearly every dive. The state offers a guide to parks with launch sites HERE





A short ferry ride from Seattle or Tacoma, Vashon Island is a popular and easy get away from city life with many popular B & B's to choose from.


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Seattle is to the east via ferry, Kitsap Peninsula is to the west via ferry and Tacoma is to the south via ferry.

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