Sunset on Lake Sevan

Vardenis is a city in Lake Sevan Region. This city is tucked away in the southeast corner of the lake, and is not on the shore. Far from the touristy glitz of the northwest shore, and even cut off by terrible roads from the quietly popular eastern shores near Shorjha, visitors to Vardenis are those adventurers trying to see every corner of Armenia. There are a few small monasteries and chapels, mountains and valleys that only those making it this far will have a chance to see. Visitors also get to experience a town which few foreigners tread, and see some of the genuine hospitality Armenia has to offer.

Get in

Marshutnis depart from Yerevan a few times a day. Taxis are an alternative option, at 100 drams/km. If you are in Southern Armenia wanting to get to Lake Sevan, you should take the shortcut from Yeghegnadzor to Martuni - saving yourself a huge and unnecessary loop via Yerevan.

Get around

In town, walking and taxis are the way to go.


Church of the Holy Mother of God

There is a nice church in the center of the city. In the hills, there are a couple of chapels and fun khachkars by Ayrk.


Hike, camp, swim.


City landscape


There are small hotels in Vardenis and the surrounding area. Many locals would also welcome you into their homes if you talked to them.

Go next

Vardenis is the last city on this road, so you have the same options of getting back, as you did getting in. There is a mountain road leading to Northern Karabakh as well, for those who have Armenian passports.

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