Not to be confused with Vårdö of Åland.

Vardø is a town in Finnmark. It is the easternmost point in Norway and, strange as it may seem, it lies east of Istanbul! Vardø should not be confused with the neighbouring town with a similar name, Vadsø. Vardø is one of the few towns with an arctic climate within Norway. Annual average temperature is 1,3 °C, while monthly average for July is 9 °C. Because of the rough climate there are no natural trees in Vardø.

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By plane

Vardø has a small airport (IATA: VAW), witch has flights to Alta and Kirkenes.

By car

Vardø is the endpoint for E75. It is the only road from other regions, but it is possible to transport a car (not a motorhome) and yourself on Hurtigruten.

By bus

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By boat

It's a port on Hurtigruten, and a quick visit to the fort can just be managed on the southbound voyage.



Visit Vardo church - it is even possible to walk there and back from the Hurtigruten! Interesting church in the vestibule of which is a model of the previous building which was destroyed. Warm welcome from the local guide who explained both the history of the building and the symbolism of the architecture depicting the Trinity and the relevance for today.




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