Vanino (Russian: Ва́нино, VAH-nee-nuh) is a town in the Russian Far East, and an important Pacific port, with ferry connections to and from Sakhalin. The city has a population of 18.900 people. It is also the easternmost city on the Russian railway network, although the Baikal-Amur Mainline has one more stop 10 minutes south of Vanino in Sovetskaya Gavan.

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See also the itinerary Russia to Japan via Sakhalin for more information on the northern connection between the Trans Siberian railway and Japan

Vanino Station, located on the hills above the port, is on the BAM line (Baikal Amur Mainline), However, the main connections to and from Vanino (trains #943/944) actually run south on a branch line to the major far eastern cities of Khabarovsk (23 hours) and Vladivostok (40 hours) on the main Trans Siberian line. Railway enthusiasts can travel on the badly serviced, but exotic BAM line by switching trains in Komsomolsk, where there is a daily train (#363э/364э) to Tynda.

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Vanino is a quite pleasant town by regional standards, with hills and good views of the harbour. However, other than a couple of lighthouses, there is little to offer the casual tourist. One option is to catch a Marshrutka bound for Sovetskaya Gavan for some good views over the jagged coast.


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There are a few cafes scattered around the station with the usual variety of station foods, along with a restaurant next to the supermarket mentioned above.


Another option, if the situation is desperate, is to catch a Marshrutka and overnight in Sovetskaya Gavan, 30 minutes away, where there is a newly renovated hotel in the city center.

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