Valle del Cauca

Valle del Cauca is a department in the Pacifica region of Colombia.

The countryside of this region is for the most part considered out of bounds for tourism as of 2010, due to the high amount of landmines and activity by armed groups such as FARC-EP. See the Stay Safe section of this article.


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Call for a taxi to peak you up or rent a car. If you want you can use the MIO, the system of mass transportation.



Sancocho de Ginebra, Cholados in Jamundi, Tostadas in Vijes, and every small town has delicious restaurants that any tourist will enjoy.



Stay safe

Personal safety in the Valle del Cauca Department is a major priority, especially in the rural areas near the cities of Pradera, Florida, and Palmira. As of 2010 the guerrilla movements FARC and ELN had a heavy presence in many rural areas. These armed groups have for decades been notorious for killings and kidnappings throughout the country. Always travel with a trusted native Colombian when traveling anywhere in the department. Also stay on main highways, especially during the night. Never travel alone.

Valle del Cauca is an area classified as "do not travel" by the Australian Dept. of Foreign Ministry due to the extreme amount of violence in the region. This travel warning was issued in December 2010.

As of December 2010 the U.S. State Department warned against travelling to Valle del Cauca and Cali.

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