Valencia (region)

Valencia, officially Valencian Community (Valencian: Comunitat Valenciana, Spanish: Comunidad Valenciana), is an automous community (region) of Spain located in central and south-eastern Iberian Peninsula.


The Valencian region is divided into three provinces:

Touristically, it is divided into two regions:



The first official language is Valencian (Catalan), which aside from a few minor differences, is the same language as Catalan spoken in neighbouring Catalonia. As with other parts of Spain, Spanish is co-official with the local language. While nationalist sentiments in Valencia are not as strong as in Catalonia, locals are proud of their language and appreciate any attempts by outsiders to speak it.

English is spoken by staff at major hotels and the main tourist attractions, but otherwise, it is not widely spoken.


Agua de Valencia, the water of Valencia, containing Champagne, Vodka and Orange Juice. One can find it at most restaurants or bars.

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