Vöcklabruck is the name of a small (approximately 12000 inhabitants) town in Upper Austria. Vöcklabruck is the capital city of the region with the same name.

To a visitor the city may appear neat, proud, superficial and conservative.

Vöcklabruck has many shops as well as services and schools. It was chosen for Europäisches Schützentreffen (the European Meeting of Marksmen) in 2003, and has and will play host to other events such as the Internationale Musiktage (International Music Gathering), Landesgartenschau (provincial garden show) 2007, and an Erdbeerfest (strawberry festival), among others.

The flea market for antiques, materials, etc. is usually held on Fridays. Alongside this, food markets selling bread, fish, flowers, fruit, meat, sausages and vegetables etc. take place every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

It has a newly built hospital which has been declared the most modern in Europe.

The Austrian writer Franzobel (Franz Stefan Griebl) comes from this region. Leonhard Schiemer, an important figure in the Anabaptist movement was born in Vöcklabruck around 1500. Princess Alexandra of Hanover, the daughter of Ernst August V, Prince of Hanover and Caroline, Princess of Hanover was born in Vöcklabruck on July 20, 1999. Jim Silye, Canadian politician and sportsman. Wolfgang Holzmair, renowned baritone recitalist and opera singer, born in Vöcklabruck in 1952.

Get in

You can arrive by train, the closest train station are Attnang, Linz, Salzburg, are about one hour away. The station is located in Bahnhofstrasse 17, 5 minutes walks to the town center and is serviced by ÖBB. Arriving by car is easy too, you can leave the highway A1 Regau if you drive from West Linz, or Seewalchen if you drive from East Salzburg.

Get around

Easy, you can walk or drive by bicycle. There are two sort of buses: Some called Stadtbus stay in town, the rest goes to other places in Upper Austria. A ticket for Stadtbus costs 0,90€, a ticket that is valid a day 1,80€. Reduced tickets for elderly people, people under eighteen and for families are available. Dogs need a reduced ticket.


Situated on a small hill inside the town there is the church of Schöndorf, a somewhat interesting an unique mixture of different styles, maybe interesting to geeks of architecture. Maybe you want to visit the town park, hey, they even have a pond with ducks! Main sights: In the town square's tower, frescos discovered in the 1960s. They date from 1502 and were painted by Tyrolean Jörg Kölderer. Dörflkirche/Ägidiuskirche' (St. Giles' Church), Baroque church constructed between 1688-1691. Schöndorfer Kirche, an early medieval fortified church, built before 824. Museum Heimathaus with Wolfsegg Iron


You can do walks in the surrounding forests, also mountainbiking is a valid option. Better still, in summer, take a bus to the surrounding lakes Attersee and Traunsee.


There are some local restaurants, gasthaus,cafes and bars. Espresso am Stadtplatz, Hotel Auerhahn, Cafe zur Brücke, Pizzaria Venezia, City Cafe-Restaurant, Vöcklabruckerhof, Schillerhof, McDonalds, Leiner-Cafe, Resto-Lutz. There are some pizza delivery services, too.


Nightlife in the town is worth to spend. You can find some actual shows at Stadtsaal Voecklabruck, is located in Stadtplatz 22. Every year there is about 50 events have been held there.

If you want a night out, there are some local bars, cafes and restaurants. You can try to find something in the surrounding countryside, too.


The phone area code of the town Vöcklabruck is 07672. The time zone is CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2). The licence plate is VB. The postal code is 4840.

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Vöcklabruck is a good starting point if you want to discover the countryside around lakes Attersee, Traunsee,Mondsee, Wolfgangsee and other cities Gmunden, Wels, Bad Ischl, Steyr. The city is located between Linz and Salzburg. From Vienna is about 239 km.

Routes through Vöcklabruck

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