Front view of the basilica

Vézelay is a small town in Burgundy, a region of France which is southeast of Paris and north of Lyon.


The town of Vézelay (less than 500 inhabitants) is associated with the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. For centuries, pilgrims departed from this town or passed through it during their pilgrimage. These days, Vézelay is visited by hundreds of pilgrims, and that number is increasing every year. Nevertheless, these pilgrims represent only a fraction of the total number of people visiting the city. Their visit is not without reason. The dominant Basilica Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Vézelay, located on the highest point of the city, is a distinctive landmark and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979.

Get in

By train

There is no train station in Vézelay. The closest SNCF station is in Sermizelles. From there SNCF buses drive to several destinations including Vézelay. Consult the SNCF (TER) web page for more detailed information. An alternative is traveling to Avallon. In Avallon you can continue your trip to Vézelay by taxi.

By bus

SNCF (TER) buses pass Vézelay departing from: Sermizelles, Clamecy and Corbigny.

By car

From the north and the east, the fastest way to reach Vézelay is by the A6 Autoroute that runs from Paris to Beaune (access 21 and 22 for Avallon). You will find a free parking lot just outside the city walls. From the parking lot, a staircase leads to Place du Champ de Foire and Rue Saint Etienne which is the street up to the basilica.

Get around

You can easily go around on foot. Drive or take a taxi if you want to visit the beautiful Église Notre Dame in the nearby village of St. Père, which is just below the hill that Vézelay is on top of.


Tympanum of the basilica



The basilica's long nave
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There are a lot of restaurants to serve the large numbers of tourists. This is a small random selection:



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