Västmanland is a province in the Svealand region in Sweden, consisting of farmlands, forests and lakes. Västerås is the largest city.


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For Västmanland, the industry has been an important factor for the development over many centuries, and it still is. For example Engelsbergs Bruk, built in 1681, is since 1993 on the UNESCO's world heritage list. It is the only one in Sweden still intact, in machinery and buildings. Today the industrial heritage has put Västmanland in the front row regarding technical knowledge, with ABB in Västerås being world-leading in robotics and electric power transmission.

The county is a mix of nature, with interesting and lovely environments. In the south is Lake Mälarens wide and beautiful landscape which hosts a variety of birds and flowers. In the north you can find the hilly mountains, the valleys and the deep forests. The county is between the Swedish lowland and the hilly country of the north.

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